Rave Reviews

“The perfect storyteller!” – The Telegraph, UK


 “A fast-paced read, a must for the bookshelf.” – Inside Sport, Australia.


“So funny. Laughed like a drain… there should be a
warning on the cover not to read it in airports. You are inclined to snort with laughter and get funny looks from fellow travellers.” Liz Davies, Manila.


“Your stories are a constant source of entertainment for me and my buddies.  Keep up the great work.” – Brad Carpenter, US Air Force.


‘Terrifying accuracy.’ – Nury Vittachi, Far Eastern Economic Review.


“Like eating peanuts… once you start you just can’t stop.” Mike van Niekerk, South Africa.


“Thoroughly enjoyable.” – Terry Wilson, San Diego News.


‘A damn fine journalist.’
– Tom Iggulden, Fairfax Group (now ABC Producer).
‘Marvelously whimsical … enormous energy… entertaining. A wonderful mixture of cynicism, awe, humour, curiosity and good old-fashioned joy.’ – New Zealand Herald


‘Stu Lloyd’s work is deservedly popular among those described as ‘not easily offended’. Yet his enjoyable new book shows that under the laddish exterior beats the heart of an engaging individual who has a genuine interest in Asia’s wildlife—human and otherwise!’ – Nury Vittachi


‘A thigh-slappingly funny travelogue about the author’s boo-boos in the tropics. He has a very endearing writing style, a talent for description and an intelligent, laugh-out-loud wit. An entertaining, easy read.’ – Expat magazine


‘A hilarious read. Entertaining to a hilt, this book elevates armchair travelling to places like the Cook Islands, Oahu, Tijuana and Goa to another more quirky, more fascinating level.’ – Lifestyle Magazine


‘Some of the liveliest, entertaining and well-written text these eyes have come across.’ – Jennifer Mallozzi, editor, Orientation.com.


‘My fellow misadventurer.’ – Dave Barry, Miami Herald, journalist & author.