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How to Rock the New Economy with Explosive Questioning and Critical Thinking Skills.

– Find out the ‘Killer’ Critical Thinking Questions that kick-started empires like AirBNB, Warby Parker, Starbucks, Gatorade, Air Asia, Pandora, Google, Amazon, Harry Potter, and, er, even Kickstarter.

Killer Questions is a short and punchy business book, destined to become the classic of critical thinking books, with its 9-step critical thinking process ‘Innovation Question Formulation’ canvas included.


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– Learn how companies like P&G, Apple, Dyson, JetBlue, Disney, Dove, Mercedes F1, Pixar, and Gore ask better questions to develop blockbuster new business ideas, experiences and marketing messages.

– How to identify and eradicate your cognitive blindspots.

– How to create a Curiosity Gap (and why that’s so important).

– Why Challenging Status Quo is important, and how to do it.

What if there was an ‘Asking Better Questions’ book? There is! And this is it.

Get on board this rocket ship with business creativity expert (and best-selling author) Stu Lloyd as he guides us through a proven system for creating more insightful, more powerful questions, which point us toward breakthrough solutions, products, and process innovations.

For the first time, he shares the Killer Questions (Innovation Question Formulation System) here. The same system of better questions to ask and developing critical thinking that he has taught to senior executives from major corporations such as Citibank, Adidas, DaimlerBenz, Siemens, Pfizer, and many other progressive companies.


  1. Stu

    “Really enjoyed Killer Questions. It was like taking a peek into the minds of some of the greatest innovators in history right as they were asking these killer questions that prompted them to create history!” Kapil Kane, Head of R&D, Intel China.

    “Awesome! It’s a great book, I’m a huge fan of the power of questions.” Peter Williams, VP, Citibank.

    “Killer Questions is a Killer Book! This has really helped with both my classroom sessions and consulting projects. Good questions stimulate good answers. Well done!”
    James Reinnoldt, Adj. Professor, The University of Washington.

    “More stimulating than a double shot of cold brew infused coffee. It is full of energy, fresh bright ideas, and reminds you how something you think is already well explored has room to grow even more. Now I can hand new engineers a strong cup of ‘pure Stu’ to kick-start their thinking. Make mine a double!” David Fincher, Fellow, AMD.

    “Excellent information in a short time, thank you.”
    Dr Friedrich Selles, R&D Director, Siemens.

    “Stu is a rare “intellectual-doer” who boils ideas and insights down into digestible, actionable points that we can apply immediately to make us more effective, efficient and impactful. Stu is a guide who facilitates understanding, motivates, and ultimately helps us be better at our work.”
    Will Nealy, Senior Manager, adidas America.

    “To Get Better Answers Ask Better Questions.That’s what the ideas in this book does. I love the way Stu presents the journey of finding the killer question as a series of steps. We don’t often think about the quality of our questions. We’re usually focused on finding answers. Stu helps you get to the point where you’ve got the perfect question that will help find the best answer. Great work Stu!” – Phil Sherwood, Amazon *****

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