Hardship Posting Box Set Edition (eBooks)


The Best-selling Asia Expat Books series (which has sold over 69,000 copies so far) is now available as an SPECIAL EDITION e-Book BOX SET COLLECTION. With one click of a button, you get 1,700 amusing and amazing ex pat stories … and save big $$$.

Volume 1:

400 Amusing and Amazing Stories from those who lived to tell their tales.

Volume 2:

400 MORE Amusing and Amazing Tales of Expat Misadventure.

Volume 3:

400 More Amazing and Amusing Tales of Expat Misadventure in Asia.

Volume 5:

500 more Amazing and Amusing Tales of Expat Misadventure in Asia. Arguably the biggest and best volume so far!

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In this box set, you get to enjoy ALL the Volumes of Hardship Posting books in full.

Available exclusively from the author here!

It’s not a ‘greatest hits’ selection … it’s 4 COMPLETE volumes. 1,700 stories in total.

(Note: Apart from Vol 5 published in 2018, all other volumes are now out of print.)



  1. Stu

    “Sleazy, disgusting, politically insensitive – I loved it!”
    Nury Vittachi, HK Standard.

    “A mighty collection of tales. The bawdy humour comes thick and fast throughout.
    A rib tickling read for the not-so-faint-hearted.”
    The Expat Magazine, Singapore.

    “A no-holes-barred romp through Asia. You’re in for a great laugh.”
    Nexus Expat magazine, UK.

    “Hardship Posting is good fun – everyone get the shaft! This reviewer rates his asides into history
    on a par with his unqualified enjoyment of sex!”
    Bernard Trink, The Bangkok Post.

    “Bloody Hilarious! Best damn thing I’ve read in years!
    I have never laughed out loud so many times while reading.”
    Geoff Hughes, ex-US Navy.

    “A gin-soaked joyride through the misadventures of expats in Asia.
    Several hours of side-splitting laughter. Read this guilty pleasure in private.”
    Theo Rosen, Amazon.com

  2. Stu

    “Barbed humour. Stu Lloyd has filled five volumes of Hardship Posting. Good fun at the expense of those making mistakes. The compiler extended the field of humour to include what contributors felt were quaint laws of the foreign countries they found themselves in. Indeed, they are an enjoyable read.” – Bernard Trink, The Bangkok Post. 

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