Hardship Posting Vol 5


He’s Back! Colonel Ken, the International Man of Mischief, is back with 500 more Amazing and Amusing Tales of Expat Misadventure in Asia. Arguably the biggest and best volume so far!

Colonel Ken is back in the saddle for Hardship Posting book Vol 5 to further terrorise an already terrorized world. He finds the world spinning faster with all this dashed digital nonsense and political correctness gone wrong.

The all-new Vol 5 (in Print and e-Book formats) features contributed stories from a record 120 Asia expats from ALL corners of Asia, indeed the world.

Plus 12 eye-wateringly observant cartoons from the cartoon guy, Mike Baird.

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The biggest and best in the best-selling Hardship Posting ‘books about expats’ series. Here are just some of the 500 amusing and amazing tales in Hardship Posting Volume 5 that you’ll enjoy …

The American doctor in the Philippines who signed his own death certificate!

The expat husband who told the HK waiter he wanted to eat underpants!

The Aussie guy who was forced at gunpoint to abandon his goldmine in the Philippines!

The soldiers who used empty Air Force bomb bays to import 90 cartons of cold beer!

The 8.5km Thai taxi ride for 2 Finns that turned into a 1000km detour!

The Australian ambassador whose apartment block got taken over by rebel soldiers in Manila!

The deported man who swam across a guarded river border to rescue his Laotian girlfriend!

The American who traded his house for a pair of tickets back to the USA!

The story of the bisexual donkey which led to a massive business deal in China!

The Aussie who had to meet his boss’s mistress and pay her monthly retainer!

The gent who locked himself in a toilet to avoid a machete-wielding mob in PNG!



  1. Stu

    “A quote from C.S.Lewis: ‘Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.’ A fun, brilliant read and great entertainment.”
    C Smith, Thailand. Amazon customer *****

  2. Stu

    “*****Rollicking good (and educational in parts). I really enjoyed the first three volumes of these epic tales of misadventure and this collection continues in the same tradition. Hilarious to read and can be consumed in small or large doses since each story is self contained. Recommended.” SP, Malaysia, Amazon customer.

  3. Stu

    “Barbed humour. Good fun at the expense of those making mistakes. The compiler extended the field of humour to include what contributors felt were quaint laws of the foreign countries they found themselves in. Indeed, they are an enjoyable read.” – Bernard Trink, The Bangkok Post. 

  4. Stu

    “An amazing book! Contributors are generations of those brave souls who sought fame, fortune and adventure in Asia and some of them even lived to tell about it: Entrepreneurs, stuffed-shirts, mercs, LBFMs (Little Brown Foreign Exchange Machines). This book has it all – louts, bouts, touts and sprouts. For the price of a couple of beers, you can get several dozen of the best tales of Asian adult adventure. You will laugh you’re a$$ off without even having to leave your sofa!” James Pate, Bangkok

  5. Stu

    “Like its predecessors, I was greatly entertained by this latest one.” Jake Jacobs, Singapore.

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